Chronyd: (generate)commandkey directives are no longer supported

Bug priority: low
Package: nethserver-ntp

Issue: Errors/Warnings logged:

chronyd[1076]: commandkey directive is no longer supported
chronyd[1076]: generatecommandkey directive is no longer supported

2.9. What happened to the commandkey and generatecommandkey directives?

They were removed in version 2.2. Authentication is no longer supported in the command protocol. Commands that required authentication are now allowed only through a Unix domain socket, which is accessible only by the root and chrony users. If you need to configure chronyd remotely or locally without the root password, please consider using ssh and/or sudo to run chronyc under the root or chrony user on the host where chronyd is running.


Thank you for reporting Marc :slight_smile:

May I ask then the warning is raised? After changes from the UI?

Saw it on journalctl.

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