Choose Let's Encrypt certificates in virtual hosts

NethServer Version: Nethserver 7
Module: virtual host


how can manage many virtual hosts each one with different Let’s Encrypt certificate?

In Let’s Encrypt module I can request the certificate for each domain but in virtual host configuration I can’t choose them. I can only choose “Default certificate” or other certificates I uploaded.

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance

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Good idea, it needs time of developer, can you have a go ?

I’d like to develop it but I have no skill to do it.

I can test it :slight_smile:

Not at this time, but you could workaround the problem doing this:

  • request a LE certificate with all needed domains
  • set LE certificate as default
  • select Default certificate in virtual hosts configuration

The certificate should be valid for all domains since it uses SNI (

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Thanks @giacomo, the workaround works :+1::wink: