Chinese Mini-PC With 4G and 6 NICS

Since I mentioned Mikrotik in the following paragraph (and I was only talking about NICs in the portion you quoted), it’s safe to assume I haven’t forgotten them.

Never meant to disrespect… sorry.

Hello Andy

I buy used 10G dual nics Intel but for SPDF(2?) including optical SFP Modules. But Powerconsumtion @home was to high on the switch side.
price was under 100€. But i need lill bit of time to finde them 2 years ago


Hi Axel

Thanks, but I prefer directly 10 GBE (Ethernet), as the Servers and Switch is barely 1.5m away (max).
SPF induces further components eating power, more points for failover, more cost1 - and more heat.

My 2 cents

SFP+ generally draw less power than copper, as I understand it. And you can always use direct-attached twinax cable, in which case the component count is the same as for regular copper. In the case of my Mikrotik switches, they draw about 7W fully loaded.

And if you’d like to use a mix of the two, you can get SFP+ RJ45 modules, though (as a result of the higher power draw) you’re generally limited how many of those you can use with a given device.

I’m sorry, but the “more power/more heat” here just isn’t true.

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mutch more Power was on my switch side. 2 * 10G to 24 * 1G with 80Watt idel was a dell dirket it is less then classic Ethernet with optic or direct cabel my longest was 5m

but that was in 2018 and the switch was used to

maybe something like this:,X11SDV-8C-TLN2F
The latter comes with a SOC included (Intel Xeon D-2141I). I have the predecessor of this board in use in my (old) proxmox server. The Xeon D series processors are packing quite a punch and are low on energy consumption.
Downside: price. Expect this board to be in the EUR1000,- region…

I honestly have no idea what you’re saying here. But be that as it may, 10G over SFP+ with fiber and transceivers draws less power than 10G over copper. There are many reasons that the switch may have drawn more power than desired, but SFP+ vs copper wasn’t one of them.

But I have a Dell switch of the same basic specs, a PowerConnect 5524 made in 2013. So just out of curiosity, I just measured its idle power draw–not only is it nowhere close to 80W, it isn’t even 20W.

can be a damage was with POE i am not shure
that sounds good :slight_smile: i need them in my office under my desk if it is not loud will be a nice Idea
i do not try a second one …

Hello, i have the same board at home.
Bought msata to sata converter and did software raid 1 of 2 disks.( Disks are mounted in external bay.
The CPU had a common bug. After 15-20 days of uptime, freezes. Only hard reboot can be done.
After few months I solved with the trick:
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=“quiet splash intel_idle.max_cstate=1”

Firewall, ips, nextcloud, samba and openhab works since late 2018.

@sarz4fun little question: did you ever look for a bios update?
FWIW, some contacts with the (alleged) producer…

Knocked on Skype looking for informations… let’s see what they will answer.

Currently… no answer… After more than 36h. I hope the person who cares about Skype is on vacation…


I doubt they will give you any skype feedback.

I almost bought this one today:

No 4G :frowning:

BIOS upgrade for unbranded chinese mobo?
I did all possibile search but no luck. No BIOS, no manual. It works as is.
When you turn on the box, do a BIOS reset and set auto Power on. Don’t try to change anything else. I changed thermal compound with high quality product. It Is stable.

Buy a real 12v 5a Power supply.

Being polite asking should not hurt anyway…
If the answer won’t be suitable to me, i will tell them, again politely. Maybe this could lead to … some change of mind for at least one product? :slight_smile:

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I didn’t want to be rude but ironic. sorry. however this kind of mini pc, i see them as firewalls for small offices or homes. They are fun projects, but not very reliable on workloads as DC or file storage. if I had to choose an office server I would go to a reliable product, perhaps a microserver or similar.

I love these units from Protectli for mini virtualization with great Intel nics; kinda pricey -

I use them all the time for Pfsense deployments.

Answer never came.
Anyway, HPE Microserver are into another league, for good or for worse. And also HP used a… “netbook processor” into a Microserver, quite ago.
This CPU, if I am not wrong.

@pike correct if you mean gen 7 microservers. They are kind of dated (to say the least)
I currently use a gen 8 and swapped the celeron processor for a Intel Xeon E3-1260L to add some cpu power.
Also running 8GB of ram now. Installed truenas on it and put in 4 4GB WD Re4 drives in it.

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TDP change so much from the two Intel buggers?
Did you received any… “bios update” for your Gen8 box (Spectre, Meltdown, brothers, sisters, frat pack and so long…)?