ChiefOnboarding: Employee Onboarding

New, Small and Startup Businesses have challenges when it comes to onboarding new Employees.
Its an Apparent problem even for companies with working HR systems.
ChiefOnboarding Aims to Solve that Problem for new hires in a company.
Demo Video (
Here are more ChiefOnboarding features:

Happy to Announce we Have it Available In NS8, as An App.

Install our Repo through
Once Installed and Enabled, locate ChiefOnboarding from the UI

Configure the App and Create an acocunt.
access the UI

Implement OIDC Parameters.
Potentially Implement Default User and PWd via

If you want to specify your own login details, then specify a ACCOUNT_EMAIL (should be lowercase and an email address) and ACCOUNT_PASSWORD in the environment variables.

Thank you in Advance for testing

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