CheckMK agent on Nethserver

Ok i am probably thinking to deeply on this but how easy is it to install checkMK agent on nethserver as i am looking to monitor the server, mail queues, memory etc

The link below is for checkmk

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Why not use Zabbix, in my opinion much better, and there’s a finished module you can install…

Some samples from Zabbix Maps from my clients:

CheckMK is nice, but it has all the gotchas of Nagios (It is Nagios, just packaged). A nice packages of several, independent apps / packages. Each one’s update can break the package…

Zabbix is just one App, nothing to break there…
And has nicer Maps… :slight_smile:

UPS Monitoring?

If you still want CheckMK, there are complete HowTos on this site, just use the search above… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents


Hi Andy, i had a look at Zabbix a while back but converted to checkmk which has been rock solid ever since i have used it.

i already have checkmk running on a seperate server so just need to get the agent installed on the nethserver box

I use checkMK raw server/agents on NethServer without issues. It’s just installing the rpm.


I was a years long Nagios user, before moving to Zabbix 7-8 years ago.

Looking again at CheckMK’s site, they do offer an Enterprise version in the meantime. But they don’t have a list of “known” clients to show of, like Zabbix.


Ok so just install the agent rpm, coming from an Ubuntu background just wanted to double check. thats the one will give it a wirl




Just a heads up, the rpm installed fine though i needed to add an exception to the firewall, but after doing so the agent works great and checkMK monitors the system.


@derilium thanks for your heads up, a positive experience is always interesting.
Please, consider to put down some notes/experiences/caveats you found installing, or… just provide the page you use as start for install CheckMK.
Maybe could be a base for an howto… :wink:

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