Chatserver not working as documentation says


I am trying to use the chatserver but there are problems with it.
The documentation says i has offline messages working.
This does not work.
Also the administrators webadmin feature does not work.
I have to switch to admin in ejabberd.cfg to be able to reach the admin interface.
I am using LDAP, maybe it works with Active Directory.
Which in itself wouldnt be a big problem, but not being able to use offline messages is a problem.
Does anyone know how to fix this issue ?

Update on this

I deleted the ldap accounts provider, uninstalled.
Reconfigured with different domain name.
All the users reappeared with different domain name.
I thought i’d had to re-create all of them :slight_smile:
I have tried the offline messages and they seem to work now, strange, but i’m happy they do work :slight_smile:
But the user still isn’t recognized as admin.
I will test another system (new install) if time permits to see if offline messages do work properly.

edit: now the second time i installed chat-server , i already had jabberadmins group created from the previous ldap
edit2: side question ; was the ldap supposed to retain all my users ?

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Sorry, I didn’t see this post early.

Did you solve?

I needed basic chat serving so i can live without the admin panel or any other admin function.
It was just needed so a couple of people could chat on a few occasions.
Maybe it is not even being used :slight_smile:

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