Changing workgroup name

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: samba

I’ve had this installed on an old HP 8000 SFF machine as a test. Finally got time to come back and have more of a look at it, with a view to starting to migrate some of the SME server machines to Nethserver.

This copy is running as a stand-alone server in my local network. I’ve enabled a few services, including samba. However, my local work group is IBMPEERS (the network has been around for a long time - name goes back to the days I was running OS/2). Looking through the web interface, I’ve not managed to find anywhere that I can change the workgroup name. I can always generate a custom template, but I would have expected to be able to be able to change the workgroup without having to do that.

So, what have I missed? Where in the web interface do I find the workgroup setup?

On slightly different topic, since this is a test server, it is running with a DHCP reservation from my normal DHCP/DNS server. How can I turn of the annoying yellow banner telling me that I should convert to a static IP?


Is this samba filesharing or samba (4) account provider?
If the latter it takes more than the proposed command by @dnutan
Have a look here: Users and groups — NethServer 7 Final

Thanks. That was what I needed…

Just file sharing at the moment. Thanks for the reference for the domain setup though - may be useful at sometime in the future.