Changing webUI portnumber

NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: WebUI

Dear people, I have ns7 2 times running in my network. How can I change the portnumber the webUI running on off one off the 2 servers?

I found httpd.conf but the header tells me explicit not to change that file. So, how do I change the portnumber?

Thx in advance, Pitmaster

config setprop httpd-admin TCPPort 981 (substitute 981 with whatever port you want) followed by signal-event nethserver-httpd-admin-update would do the trick.


No it doesn’t. I can’t find the page ad all anymore.


You can’t load the page at all? What’s the output of config show httpd-admin on that machine?

I think you just need a

signal-event firewall-adjust

to open the right port on firewall…

signal-event nethserver-httpd-admin-update does not restart the firewall but is needed to reconfigure the service.


Thats it! Great, I am very used to Ubuntu but I will learn fast with teachers like you.


Hi @pitmaster the solution above works for sure but I still don’t get why the port change is needed… As the services run on different IPs there’s no conflict. Isn’t it?

If I want to reach the internal services from the outside I could set up a couple of port forwarding rules in the network firewall.

I just have one external ip, when a package arrives on this adres the router doesn’t know wich of the two internal ip’s he has to choose.

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Please consider this approach:

  • external_ip:980 forwards to internal_host0:980
  • external_ip:981 forwards to internal_host1:980
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…or better yet, connect via VPN and don’t expose the server manager to the Internet at all.