Changing the server's IP address, ipv4 disappears

nethserver 7.5 1804

I have a virtual machine instance of Nethserver. the machine is working great.
I restored a copy of the machine to another machine, changed the ip of the server to a private ip. (in this case and it took the change and I was able to access the machine at that new ip.

I took the same image, restored it on a different network, and assigned it the ip, and the machine had no ip assignment. ifconfig shows an ip v6 address, but no ipv4. I tried the command line with the correct nic and ip:
db networks setprop eth0 ipaddr
signal-event interface-update

The commands completed, but if config still showed no ipv4 for my nic card?

I restored another image, followed the same procedure carefully to change the ip, and once again, the nic had no ip after entering the new value of with a subnet.