Changing the Domain Controller Instructions

Mangalossi community suggests us change the instructions showed on that page

They look acceptable and it aims to avoid possible misunderstanding. What do you think?


I don’t agree that it wasn’t clear to have a different IP for your DC Server than the IP assigned to your nethserver (I thought that was understood that I needed to assign a different IP), I do think making it clear to have a separate IP will only help and not hinder the documentation.

I do question the bridging checkbox…don’t I need that every time? I’m not calling myself a Linux expert so perhaps the devs here have a reason for that checkbox and I’m just don’t know about those situations…for my use case I checked the checkbox and my new Domain worked flawlessly. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your comment. @davidep can we just submit an easy PR for that? It should just edit some text

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I’m working on a brand new Accounts provider configuration page:

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Of course, any PR is welcome!

@alefattorini, would you mind submitting this proposal to mangolassi forum?

As usual, any feedback from our community is welcome, too :wink:

Done! Thanks for point this out to me