Changing requested SSH port for nagios / adagios

Hi to all,
if you have installed nagios and adagios on Nethser 7 with this tutorial and you don’t have the standard ssh port it shows a critical error.

To get rid of it you only have to add an argument with the portnumber and restart the service.

  • go to the adagios webinterface
  • choose Configure at the upper menu
  • choose Configuration at the left side
  • by Object Configuration switch from Host to Services
  • click on ssh and choose monitoring
  • by Argument 1 you can add your port option like “-p 2222” without quotation mark
  • after that I had to restart nagios from shell “systemctl restart nagios”

I think for nagios on Nethserver 6.8 it’s the same, perhaps somebody can try it.

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