Changing POP3 connector ports

Also I noticed that within the POP3 connector section of the admin interface, there is no way of changing ports (eg. if I wanted to include a connector between Gmail POP3 and NS, I can not specify port 995 or any unusual / non-standard pop3 / imap ports).

Same problem, cannot fetch from gmail account.


just enable “use ssl”

I had already tried, but still not working.
Here’s the screenshot of my configuration and fetchmail log.

I have checked several times the user name and password, and POP is activated for all messages in Google setting.

Jun 2 09:42:02 [info] starting fetchmail 6.3.17 daemon
Jun 2 09:42:03 [err] Authorization failure on
Jun 2 09:42:03 [info] Query status=3 (AUTHFAIL)
Jun 2 09:42:06 [info] awakened by User defined signal 1

this is not a NS issue, but a Gmail one…
just tested here… I had the same error in the log but, after few minutes, I got a mail from Google telling me that somebody was trying to access my email and that they BLOCKED such an access…
just followed their advices, enabled/permitted login from my NS and voilà, now I’m seeing my emails flowing


Good point! Please upload a screenshot about this!

there’s no screenshot… user should receive a mail coming from google… something like “Suspicious sign in prevented”…

in any case, going to will give users the possibility to allow access to email from NS

Thank you very much, but for future reference, I had to enable also the option “less secure apps” here

Allowing less secure apps to access your account


I need to connect fetchmail to my local television company’s / ISP mail servers… they run on port 993 and 995 and use TLS instead of SSL

How can i configure fetchmail to use specific ports and specific security parameters ?

The only error due to ports in that report is the one at 18:15 where an attempt was made to connect to the non-SSL IMAP port, 143.

All the remaining errors are authentication ones, which would occur after the connection has been made, when the User/Password is verified, so the port being used is correct. Do you really have as part of the user name.


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