Changing IP address from command line

Hello please I have a problem with the server Nethserver
I should change internal IP via commands
I do not know the commands to do so can you help me
I can no longer access the server after making a change

Have you any access to Nethserver?

You through commands with root

You through commands with root

Nope you need to modify db and run command interface-update

How do

Show pls output of the command below:
db networks show

as I do not know

The server works but I can not enter with IP wanted to change it through root how do

@Nas instructions means this.
When you on the command line of your server type following command;
db networks show

Post the result.
If possible you can copy and past.
If you write your post on a different computer you have to type it.

You should change the ip address using the db command.
Example, if your interface is eth0:

db networks setprop eth0 ipaddr
signal-event interface-update

You can find more doc here:

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thanks Giacomo everything OK or removing the card and 2 or postponed
the server and it all came back ok, then either deleted from DB and then the second card
or postponed and or off the server, then either put the second card and the socket, then
or reinstalled the card and time and everything OK


Please Antonio can you translate your last post for others non-Italian people? It would be much appreciated

Iā€™m sorry I had not noticed