Changing DHCP on my server

J’ai déménager il est encore sur mon ancienne box et je voudrait me mettre sur ma nouvelle box mais je sait qui faux changer le dhcp


Bienvenue sur ce forum.

Serait-il possible de continuer en anglais?
Et je t’avoue que même en français j’ai du mal á comprendre ta question.
A cerner le probleme.
Essaye de décrire plus le contexte.

Si possible en anglais.

Hi @Dono44_sl and welcome to the NethServer community! It’s great to see you have found your way to our forums.
First a note that has been pointed at by @jim too: please post in English. We are a (very) international community and for everybody to be able to understand what is going on in our forums, we have an ‘englsh only’ policy. This is not to make it difficult for you or any other non-english speaker. But to make it possible everybody can understand what is said or asked. In fact, most members are not native English speakers. If you are unsure, use a translation tool lik DeepL or google translate. In most cases such translations are ‘good enough’ to communicate with each other, even in English.

Now you question. Let me try to rephrase it in English so we can see if I understood you correctly.
What I understand from your question is, that you had an old server that was running DHCP and now you have installed NethServer and you want to know how you must configure DHCP in your network so the new server will be DHCP server.

Fortunately DHCP is quite straightforward. There is something you have to prepare if you use IP reservations in DHCP. Make sure you create a list of mac addresses and associated IP addresses from your old box. If you don’t use IP reservations, you can simply configure and start the same DHCP scope on NethServer as you have on your old box and stop DHCP service on your old box.
With the list of mac addresses and associated IP addresses, you can recreate the reservations in DHCP on NethServer.

For more information on DHCP in NethServer:

If you have further questions or want to know more about DHCP or NethServer, don’t hesitate to ask!