Change the nextcloud ports

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: Nextcloud
Hi all,
I’m running several nethserver, one is running a installation with nextcloud.
It’s all running perfect but now I have to change the ports for the nextcloud
because 443 is use for my mailserver(port forward in the router to mailserver). so i have to change it to make a port forward in my router to the nextcloud.

I was not able to find out, where I have to change the port in the Nethserver/Nextcloud.

Can someone help me?

Thanks and greetings


Or, set up one of your nethservers with and forward 443 to that.

according to what I can read and understand. I can’t do this
HTTPS: / Myip: 4443 / nextcloud / to HTTPS: // myip / nextcloud.

Reverse Proxy takes all your 80/443 http/https requests and sends them to whatever server you tell it, webmail to your mail server, nextcloud to your nextcloud server, it’s not port forwarding.

now i have test on and if we talk web server then yes.
but if now i cannot use my sogo exchange activesync from the interne.