Change postfix smarthost port

From an earlier installation I had the smarthost port in the client set to 26. Now I need to set it back to 25 because the smarthost itself has problems to handle port 26 and rspamd properly.
In the NS GUI I can only save the changed port if a test gets approved. This does never happen because the NS smarthost does not react to this test at all no matter which port is selected.
How can I change the port with a console command? I’m not familiar with the console at all.



This sounds more and more like “security through obscurity”…

For one, why change the smarthost port, it works well enough.

If passing over the Internet, then a VPN is the way to go. So quick and easy to set up, but more than 100% secure than simply changing a port.
Portscanners may have been expensive in the 2000s, but we now have 2023, and they’re available for any script-kiddie!

Use a VPN!

My 2 cents

To change the smarthost port to 25:

config setprop postfix SmartHostPort 25

Apply config:

signal-event nethserver-mail-server-update

See also nethserver-mail — NethServer 7 documentation

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Thanks, @mrmarkuz.
And which config command activates the smarthost?
The problem is in fact that the test settings in the gui fails because the NS being the smarthost sees the connect but just does not answer. I see that in the logs. And as long as the test fails the save button is greyed out.

config setprop postfix SmartHostStatus enabled

and apply the config again…

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Well, I did that, too. But it’s strange: after that smarthost is not shown as enabled in the gui. Neither in cockpit nor in the old gui manager. But there - over port 980 - I can activate smarthost without any testing. Is cockpit still a bit buggy?
Anyway, it works now, I can send mails. Thanks!

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