Change network interface name

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: network & HotSync

Hello everybody
I would like to test HotSync so I have build another new Nethserver, but both network interfaces have different names. I have tried different changes, but without success. Is there any specific way to Nethserver to change network interface name?

Hi @Ioic,
the “interface name” is dependant by the Linux subsystem.

Into this old computer, interface is called “ens2”
Into this ESXi 7 guest, the interface is called “ens192 (vSwitch0)”
AFAIK you can’t “name” the interface.

The only exception should be RED interfaces, which could be “labeled” in some way (for at least categorize your ISP or connection)

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Thanks for the information. First, I ask the question because I understood that it was mandatory for using HotSync appropriately. If not, I will try without changing anything. Second, I have tried to follow tutos about centos 7, but without success (edit ifcfg file and ip down, rename and up).

What is your problem here, can you describe it?