Change mailbox to new user

NethServer Version: 7.5.1804 (final)
Module: Email

We have had a change in a job and I would like to move the contents of a mailbox of a new user. it’s possible?.

You can set up both mailboxes at thunderbird for example and copy the folders and mails from one account to the other account. An other solution could be to copy the folders at


@robb at an other thread also give the tip to use ImapSync

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If it is for just 1 mailbox, I think the easiest way would be adding the old and the new mailbox to the same mail client (for instance T-Bird) and then copy or move all directories from one mailbox to the other in T-Bird. You need to configure the mailboxes as IMAP to make this work.
If you need to copy multiple mailboxes, I would have a look at imapsync.