Change availability for admin interface

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: webinterface httpd-admin

I have this basic question, but can’t find the correct syntax:
I want to change the availability for the webinterface httpd-admin. I misconfigured my VPN and now I am locked out from my server.
I can start a rescue procedure that will boot me into a terminal session. The easiest way I can think of to fix this is starting that session and from commandline make the webinterface httpd-admin available from the internet.
Can anyone give me the correct syntax to change the availability of httpd-admin from green only to red and green?
/me runs to the corner ashamed for the stupid mistake.

You should be able to do:

config setprop httpd-admin access green,red
signal-event firewall-adjust

thnx! worked like a charm. I repaired the misconfiguration and reverted to VPN access only for httpd-admin…