Change admin password SOLVED

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.5.1804 (final)
AD Samba

the access as admin to the dashboard does not work (bad credentials)
I enter as root and change the password of the admin user.

it seems that everything is fine but when entering I continue with the error in the credentials

Are other users able to login except of root?

Maybe the admin user is locked (greyed out)?

Does the AD Account provider work correcty? You may check it in “Domain Accounts” in web UI.

yes. i can Access with other users.

the admin user is not loked.

the AD correctly validates the users of the network

but you have given me an idea. :slight_smile:

I have blocked the user admin
(it has turned gray)

I have unlocked it again and it seems that it validates well
Thank you

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You’re welcome. Glad it works.

To set a topic to solved you have to choose the answer that describes the best solution which is your previous post IMO.