Change Active Directory configuration if error

NethServer Version: 7.3 RC3
Module: nethserver-dc

Folks, Made a bit of a mistake when setting up the DC (Active Directory) by setting the IP address to the same as the nic on the internal network. However I cannot change the configuration to a free IP and I cannot interact with Samba in the web interface at all. How do I edit the configuration for the bridge IP for the DC without reinstalling the entire OS? (PS: would be nice if an obvious local IP configuration check before making these changes could be added as well as ability to actually change the configuration)

Hi Jonah,

you can do a “factory reset”. Please refer to this

Good luck.

Tried, it just hangs and hangs and hangs at “Adjusting Services” and I cannot see what in fact is going on.

Please check out this one too

After 30 minutes left hanging I’m reinstalling from scratch. Your response is fantastic in speed BTW. Again, I would suggest a check on the basic nic address sanity check before the button commits its operation seeing how it can really mess things up. Granted it was my hasty mistake. The templates I get their advantages but their disadvantages is learning a new language to do samba config operations. Also, it seems the “factory reset” procedure for SAMBA didn’t clear out everything. The server had memorized my previous Samba address even though it should have been “reset”. That may suggest that (perhaps only for 7.3 RC3) the procedure is not in fact removing all sources of the configuration for a truly clean reinitialization of the Samba Active Directory service/config. Anyway, just food for thought.


I agree! Even if is not 100% safe it could help!

We can improve it!

Thanks for your suggestion and for testing! Keep up the good work!