Chain two VPN subnets via Nethserver VPS

Hi guys, I need to chain two subnets via Nethserver installed on a VPS according to this schema: -> VPN client -> VPS <- VPN client <-

So I want to reach, for example, from and viceversa. I created two OpenVPN tunnels such that is connected to the first tunnel and is connected to the second tunnel. Of course I setted up static routes adding to local networks of the first tunnel and to local networks of the second tunnel.

The problem is that I can’t ping anything from the clients.

Hi Cricco95,

Try to add the DNS of the green interface to the config of the network card of the station. It has to be the primary DNS of the station. Take the previous primary DNS and make it the secondary DNS.


Why DNS? The point is that I can’t reach one subnet from the other one and viceversa.

Can you connect to the server?


Yes, my two OpenVPN clients are succesfully connected to port 1194 and 1195 of the same VPS but I can’t reach from and viceversa. Also pinging or (OpenVPN NICs) doesn’t work.

You checked both of them?


Also, can you ping the IP address?


This is the road warrior configuration page which doesn’t allow each subnet reach others but only one client to reach the subnet.