CEST problems while accessing on mariadb / mysql server

NethServer Version: 7
Module: Maria Db


I have some trouble to access existing databases using OpenOffice.

  • Connection within Nethserver (via php) runs fine
  • Network service is open to green
  • access from the same laptop, e.g. using HeidiSQL client runs fine, connection work

-> Openoffice shows the following error message:


Different sources read that the list of time zones within the server need to be updated. Are there any experiences on that?


You may need to pass additional parameters with the connection string:




…or whichever correct timezone suits

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Fairly complicated and not very nice … but it works…
Thank you. But maybe there is some way to solve on the server side?

Maybe it’s possible to handle it. Here some info:


set your server with a non DST aware time zone, such as UTC, and then let all adjustments be made between the client(s) time zone and this neutral time zone.