I thought it may be useful to mention CWP release here for interest factor as I note there is a fair amount of chatter related to PHP, PHP-FPM, Nginx, Reverse Proxy etc.

It’s worth having a play with this if you haven’t seen it before and like to tinker:


I do use it for web hosting and find it well setup, full of features and easy to use - yet, there are many things NOT to like about it. For one, the code is obfuscated. I used to really dislike that, but it does keep me and others out of it and learn to accept the out of box presentation. You can still tinker and hack to a degree.

What is interesting is their approach to flexibility being able to host multiple web sites with differing versions of PHP or Web Server combinations (Apache, Nginx, Varnish, FPM, etc). They’ve covered just about every option/possibility for web serving and do it well. And, of course, the user interface is worth looking at as well.



Hello @KdB i am among the team of CWP.we currently have a new website at

let me know if there is anything to know.

though am not on the development side, i handle feature visioning, and business side of things.

it sounds like a webhosting project, interesting

Well NethServer has a different approach over web hosting features. However Steph is working to port his module for PHP SCL integration over Apache/FPM in the core Web server cockpit panel…

yep and with my module you can run updated mariadb also…but it is so bad to still use spamassassin :smiley:

the features on their website are somewhat outdated and as @oneitonitram mentioned they are setting up a new domain/website - just appears not to be up at the moment - (mariadb and no spamassassin :slight_smile: )

It is worth looking at and playing with as you can see how it allows you to switch between hosting/serving types independently for each virtual site. I run one CWP server where some legacy virtual host sites are still on PHP5.3 with the latest on 7.3 - choosing and switching between versions is simple.

we have fixed the website issue. you should now be able to visit the new website.