CentOS upgrade tool outcomes

I ran the CentOS upgrade tool on NethServer 6.7, with everything installed. The assistant outcomes are available here:


I found the output interesting because it points out the differences between the 6 and the 7 upstream branches. For instance MySQL, httpd.

Please, have a look at them!


whoa, lot of info there…
I did not even know that c7 switched to chrony :confused:

Please note that the NTP package installed by default in CentOS7 is chrony.
To switch back to ntp, run “yum install ntp” and “yum remove chrony”.

Does this means that even ns7 will use chrony?

I don’t know chrony, but adhere to upstream is often a good investment!

We could also talk about NetworkManager :wink:

Next week I’ll check out the upgrade procedure. Anybody did it already?

i could try to upgrade ! i know chrony , nothing special

See Upgrade paths to ns7