Centos SLS SIG and UTM Firewall SIG=Nethserver?


I was looking aroud CentOS, and see two things that pin my interest.
The first one is about the SLB Special Interset Group ou Simplified Linux Server.

And the second one, the most interesant at my eye, is a UTM Firewall SIG
This one seem not official yet or not going ahead…

Can we have a return of information about these two projects? Please.

The SLS SIG is “on hold”, I met KB last February, we tried to develop a plan, but we don’t have enough resources to bring it on, at the moment.

The firewal SIG was an idea, but never progressed. I think Shafiee is now working on virtualization, maybe he lost interest.

Over time, things changed a bit, we could try to kindle discussion again on the centos-dev ml.

@Jim, would you like to be a messenger there?

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I wrote an email to centos-devel@centos.org.

Let`s wait and see :smile:

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Where is it?

I wrote the 08-27-2015 ?!?!

Wrote again today

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Seems that nobody is really interested. :sweat: