CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream discussion

Latest info on Rocky Linux: https://forums.rockylinux.org/t/community-update-january-2021/1667
I must say, a first RC in 3 months… that’s quite impressive.,


Then they change (RedHat) the rules in a few years… and community rewrite again, let’s make rocky great.

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Agree, impressive. Hitting or even surpassing goals now is not the real test though. It is obviously necessary, but also not sufficient. Where will the enthusiasm and contributions be 3-10 years from now. Will they dry up like CentOS did requiring the help of RedHat (or some other megacorp) to keep it going? Hope not, but hope is not a basis for business models and long-term planning for most.

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almalinux beta1 is out…


Downloaded, then installed: simply Amazing, the same Centos 8, the installer changes in one step configuration (that’s cool and easier for us).

Nethesis: don´t search anymore, Almalinux the choice :innocent:

Fast and stable, can replace CentOS 7 for this one.




Have you guys seen this? Apparently a fork of CentOS : https://almalinux.org

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Yes we have. Have a look here:


Obviously I didn’t scroll up to read LOL! So I guess that is good news, less changes! And with the backing of CloudLinux it also ensures ongoing development.

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Video and slides from centos dojo to stay updated with the last news

Among them, I attended

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I am afraid of their instability (red hat)

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and… there is also Navy Linux

It used to be that a community united behind a goal, and strived together to arrive at their mutual target.

Alas, the old roman stragey of “Divide and Conquer” has been used and proven by Agent Orange against the USA, now by Agent Blue against FOSS…

If before there were 10 People (To keep things simple…) working on a certain Project “C…”.

Now, assuming still 10 poeple are occupied by this “split up” of project “C…”:
2 working on Rocky, 2 working on Alma, 2 working on Navy, 2 for Oracle and the last 2 have their heads in the clouds!

Great “Community” example of cooperation!

Very sad, IMHO!!!

Am I the only one seeing this?

My 2 cents


Thinking of the this topic, planing an evolution and the recent community meeting remembered playing around with CoreOS for a while to leave it because it was docker and x86_64 exclusive. (There are quite a lot of very similar challenges between a OTA-update of a tiny IOT device and the update of a container-base-OS).

To fiend-out today, its owned by RHEL now, And AFIAK only the upstream fedora-CoreOS is publicly available…

Found one CoreOS based alternative:

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New info about CentOS to Rocky Linux:


various news:


why doesnt ROCKY and alma linux just join hands, they have a commong goal after all?

Hi all,

It is a quite busy site:


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Don´t know but AlmaLinux RC-1 works pretty well.

trying to patch things up?