Captive Portal (coovachilli)

I want to configure captive portal for neth.
And can i integrate it with nethserver?
link,documentation will go.
in short how to install coovachilli in nethserver?

Nethesis, the company sponsoring NethServer has a commercial product partly based on coovachilli running on NethServer, but using a closed website for administration.
I looked in the developer site ( and found a coovachilli category with no issues.
Let me check what we have, on Monday.

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I to found coovachili in repository but Its not available in software center?

The package is available in nethserver-base repository but without any web interface.
To install the package:

yum install coova-chilli

Coova-chilli will be handled manullay right?

Right, you can manually change the configuration: no db or templates have been implemented.

The standard package relies on CoovaChilli cloud services that i think are dismissed. But you can reconfigure it by yourself to point it to a local radius server.