Caps/Quotas on Internet use

Has this user case been considered for OpenWRT NethSecurity?

Globally and… par service/user/group, whathever.

Sorry for the late response.

Yes, the feature is present per-user inside the Icaro hotspot.

So currently no general connection cap for mobile connections?
Only for Icaro/Hotspot service?

The cap implemented inside Icaro is also for mobile connections.
So I’d say yes: there is a general cap also for mobile connections.

Please try to explain your scenario instead of proposing a solution.
Let’s see if there is a valid existing configuration for what you’re trying to achieve.

NethSec on a metered 4g/5g connection with no more than 50/100gb par month (bi-directional cap) as an inititating VPN endpoint for allowing connection to headquarter.
Daily email reports about connection status, use, statistics of use.

Zyxel can deliver that on “older” generation devices (USG Flex) and two previous ones. Current is still too green platform to consider it as viable option.

Got it. There is no built-in feature for it, but you can explore existing OpenWrt modules, take a lookt at: Total Download and Upload Data Limit - #3 by cliffordanup - Installing and Using OpenWrt - OpenWrt Forum

This is already in the roadmap.

Sorry to hear that, you should write to Zyxel support if you think their platform is too green to be considered a viable option.

You’re 3 months late for the last advice. Yet that product “current gen” cannot deliver what older gen could.