Can't send email to one gmail address, but can to another

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Postfix 2.31.3

domain: mrlistersir com
IMAP email using Thunderbird email reader.

My ISP changed my static ip address from a static address to a permanently leased DHCP provided address. I had to change the ethernet configuration to DHCP.

I host my own mail server and edited the A records accordingly.

After these changes, I can no longer send email to my primary gmail account (gillowwiles.henry@gmail com). However, I can send email to other gmail accounts that I use (

I have attached the log file for the last attempt to send email to the gillowwiles.henry account. I am not knowledgeable to know what I am looking for in the log files.

I hate it when things work for a long time then stop working. I never remember how I set things up the first time.

Any idea where to start looking?

log file
Oct 8 16:00:36 larry-server postfix/smtpd[6131]: connect from backoffice.mrlistersir com[]
Oct 8 16:00:36 larry-server rspamd[3031]: <67e502>; proxy; proxy_accept_socket: accepted milter connection from /var/run/rspamd/worker-proxy port 0
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server postfix/smtpd[6131]: 0E51F47: client=backoffice.mrlistersir com[], sasl_method=PLAIN, sasl_username=henry
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server rspamd[3031]: <67e502>; milter; rspamd_milter_process_command: got connection from
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server postfix/cleanup[6139]: 0E51F47: message-id=<487d6868-6157-f431-ed5c-98a67e09aab9@mrlistersir com>
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server rspamd[3031]: <67e502>; proxy; rspamd_message_parse: loaded message; id: <487d6868-6157-f431-ed5c-98a67e09aab9@mrlistersir com>; queue-id: <0E51F47>; size: 563; checksum:
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server rspamd[3031]: <67e502>; proxy; rspamd_mime_part_detect_language: detected part language: fr
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server rspamd[3031]: <67e502>; lua; settings.lua:363: <487d6868-6157-f431-ed5c-98a67e09aab9@mrlistersir com> apply static settings authenticated (id = 1937017268); authenticated matched; priority high
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server rspamd[3031]: <67e502>; proxy; dkim_symbol_callback: skip DKIM checks for local networks and authorized users
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server rspamd[3031]: <67e502>; lua; spf.lua:185: skip SPF checks for local networks and authorized users
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server rspamd[3031]: <67e502>; lua; dmarc.lua:596: skip DMARC checks as either SPF or DKIM were not checked
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server rspamd[3031]: <67e502>; lua; once_received.lua:99: Skipping once_received for authenticated user or local network
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server rspamd[3031]: <67e502>; proxy; rspamd_task_process: skip learning: <487d6868-6157-f431-ed5c-98a67e09aab9@mrlistersir com> is skipped for bayes classifier: already in class ham; probability 99.38%
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server rspamd[3031]: <67e502>; proxy; rspamd_task_write_log: id: <487d6868-6157-f431-ed5c-98a67e09aab9@mrlistersir com>, qid: <0E51F47>, ip:, user: henry, from: <henry@mrlistersir com>, (default: F (no action): [-3.57/20.00] [BAYES_HAM(-2.85){99.38%;},GENERIC_REPUTATION(-0.62){-0.62046117347138;},MIME_GOOD(-0.10){text/plain;},FREEMAIL_ENVRCPT(0.00){gmail com;},FREEMAIL_TO(0.00){gmail com;},FROM_EQ_ENVFROM(0.00){},FROM_HAS_DN(0.00){},MID_RHS_MATCH_FROM(0.00){},MIME_TRACE(0.00){0:+;},RCPT_COUNT_ONE(0.00){1;},RCVD_COUNT_ZERO(0.00){0;},TAGGED_RCPT(0.00){},TO_DN_NONE(0.00){},TO_MATCH_ENVRCPT_ALL(0.00){}]), len: 563, time: 190.941ms, dns req: 10, digest: <20e1457770e205fed59dd123cb5b708d>, rcpts: <gillowwiles.henry@gmail com,gillowwileshenry@gmail com>, mime_rcpts: <gillowwiles.henry@gmail com,>, settings_id: authenticated
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server rspamd[3031]: <67e502>; proxy; rspamd_protocol_http_reply: regexp statistics: 0 pcre regexps scanned, 4 regexps matched, 174 regexps total, 54 regexps cached, 0B scanned using pcre, 873B scanned total
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server opendkim[1424]: 0E51F47: no signing table match for ‘henry@mrlistersir com’
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server postfix/qmgr[2231]: 0E51F47: from=<henry@mrlistersir com>, size=850, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server rspamd[3031]: <3aee42>; proxy; proxy_milter_finish_handler: finished milter connection
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server postfix/smtpd[6131]: disconnect from backoffice mrlistersir com[]
Oct 8 16:00:37 larry-server postfix/smtp[6141]: Untrusted TLS connection established to com[]:25: TLSv1.2 with cipher ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256 (128/128 bits)
Oct 8 16:00:38 larry-server postfix/smtp[6141]: 0E51F47: to=<gillowwiles.henry@gmail com>, com[]:25, delay=1.4, delays=0.21/0.01/0.36/0.8, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 OK 1633734038 z12si847926pgu.293 - gsmtp)
Oct 8 16:00:38 larry-server postfix/qmgr[2231]: 0E51F47: removed
Oct 8 16:00:56 larry-server rspamd[3032]: ; lua; bayes_expiry.lua:440: finished expiry step 176: 994 items checked, 37 significant (0 made persistent), 49 insignificant (0 ttls set), 44 common (0 discriminated), 864 infrequent (7 ttls set), 6 mean, 81 std

How-to: email_protection_resources [NethServer Wiki].


Test at:


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You can check chapter VI- Messagerie standard de NethServer in NethServer-801, Cahier-01:Jitsi Meet – Boutique Micronator


Sorry, my native language is English. Thanks for the consideration, though.
I do have a follow-up question.
The day before the changes made by my ISP, everything was working just as you would expect. The only changes were the new IP address and the updated a records. What do you think happened to cause the change in my email behavior? It sounds to me like the action taken by my ISP might have broken something, but I’m a bit out of my comfort zone here.

In my SPF record (TXT record), I specifed my IP address:

v=spf1 ip4: ~all


Thanks for your help. I ended up editing the DKIM and SPF records and everything is working now. I don’t know what changed on my ISP’s end, but their migration wasn’t as seamless as they promised.

Hi @henry,

Glad it worked.

Click Solution, so it might help someone else.