Cant install Collabora Online on Nethserver 7.7.1908

Hi friends,

I would like to install Collabora Online as described in the manual, but there is no download. Enclosed the error message.

[root@ ~]# yum install nethserver-collabora
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror, nethserver_events
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

Who can help?


If I visit there is a install procedure.
Did you add the mrmarkuz and collabora repo prior to install the module?

As far as I know nethserver-collabora can be installed from the nethforge repository.

My best guess is the nethforge repository is disabled @transocean because is a system with a subscription…


That’s what I intended. But it does not work either.

[root@server ~]# yum -y install
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror, nethserver_events
nethserver-mrmarkuz-0.0.1-3.ns7.noarch.rpm | 3.3 kB 00:00
Examining /var/tmp/yum-root-JFUdp1/nethserver-mrmarkuz-0.0.1-3.ns7.noarch.rpm: nethserver-mrmarkuz-0.0.1-3.ns7.noarch
/var/tmp/yum-root-JFUdp1/nethserver-mrmarkuz-0.0.1-3.ns7.noarch.rpm: does not update installed package.
Error: Nothing to do
[root@server ~]#

Yes, it is a system with subscribtion.

Note you are to install a nethserver-module supported by the community. That’s why the nethfroge repository is disabled by default on a subscribed system.

Not sure, do you have more luck with?:

yum --enablerepo=nethforge install nethserver-collabora

Hi Mark,

this was the solution for installing Collabora Code. I can create a document, but i cant work with it.
When i will load a word dokument i receive this error message:

Failed to load Collabora Online - please try again later

And there is no admin Page



Most likely this:

yum list installed rh-php71\*
ends with
Error: No matching Packages to list

You have the same issue…

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i have a other unknown issue.

[root@server ~]# yum list installed rh-php71*
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror, nethserver_events
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

  • sb-base:
  • sb-centos-sclo-rh:
  • sb-centos-sclo-sclo:
  • sb-epel:
  • sb-extras:
  • sb-nethserver-base:
  • sb-nethserver-updates:
  • sb-updates:
    Installed Packages
    rh-php71.x86_64 1-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-cli.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-common.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-fpm.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-gd.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-intl.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-json.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-ldap.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-mbstring.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-mysqlnd.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-opcache.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-pdo.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-pear.noarch 1:1.10.4-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-pecl-apcu.x86_64 5.1.8-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-process.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-xml.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-php-zip.x86_64 7.1.30-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    rh-php71-runtime.x86_64 1-1.el7 @sb-centos-sclo-rh
    [root@server ~]#

Yes you have :sweat:;
ATM i’m out off options… :thinking:

Is there a simple way to remove nextcloud including all files from the server? Completly without any rests?

As a last try you may edit /etc/e-smith/events/actions/nethserver-collabora-conf and change 3 lines from rh-php71 to rh-php72 at the end of the file like

sudo -u apache scl enable rh-php72 ...

Then do a

signal-event nethserver-collabora-update

Hi Markus,

same problem. i wonder because there is no admin page after installation.

Did you try to connect to your collabora domain ?
IP address or Nethserver host name is not working.

You may check the service status:

systemctl status loolwsd -l

Service is running, but the admin sit is unreachable.

Not Found

The requested URL /loleaflet/dist/admin/admin.html was not found on this server.

Did you configure the virtual host for collabora?

Yes, i have. But may be wrong. Now i have killed the complete server.