Can't get work as Gateway with two Nics

I tried to get a nethserver like a gateway with two NICs, eth0 lan(green) and eth1 Internet(red), this second don’t let me choose between green or red or any other, i made the change with

db networks set eth1 ethernet role red

I set a static Ip but still don’t work. Thanks for your help.

Is this a fresh installation? Were you able to download all the updates and install all the software components you require, including web proxy and web filter?


Yes it is a fresh installation, i don’t have access to internet, cant ping outside. cant install any thing.

You should access to internet, then install firewall base package. At this point you can switch interface role to red :wink:

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Generic answers don’t help a lot…

At least when I encouncter an issue myself …


Please be polite and grateful with who’s trying To help :wink: generic questions are OK if the issue isn’t clear

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