Can't connect to virtualbox guest from LAN

NethServer Version: 7


i’ve installed VirtualBox on physical NethServer, and set up phpvirtualbox to manage it.
Guest OS is Windows 10… it is needed for small tasks on windows. Network is bridged.
It connects to LAN and gets correct IP -
And it connects to internet without problems.

next - i want to connect to guest over RDP and i can’t…

on NethServer i’ve added service RDP and added rule to pass RDP from any to any.

what is wrong?

i know how to create a workaround with NAT in virtualbox… but, i need to be Windows as real LAN member.

Never tried this with ns but it should work

Can you ping on your lan the window guest
Did you try to connect rdp from lan or outside your lan

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Are RDP connections enabled at the Windows guest?

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