Can't connect to nextcloud through the internet, everything else works

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: nextcloud

i am very new to web servers so sorry if this is a simple problem.

i am trying to connect to nextcloud from the internet but i cant connect using https://my_ip/nextcloud. if i use https://my_ip:980/nextcloud i get this error Nethgui: 404 - Language not found 1377519247.
i can connect to nethserver web portal just fine and can view evebox fine also. ssh also works. i have port forwarded the ssh port and 980.

nextcloud isn’t listed in the services but i’m almost positive it uses the httpd service

this is a brand new install with just nextcloud installed. i can access nextcloud through lan.

how do i fix this.

Exactly, you only need go to network services and then find the service httpd and edit

finally mark the red zone and you can connect form outside of the LAN

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its already marked red, green

If there’s a gateway in between you’ll have to forward port 443 to nethserver to access from the public ip/domain

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thanks that fixed it i new i missed a port