Cant connect https://<NethIP>:980 form a other sub Net (external VPN)


NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: dashboard


i hope it will be simpel. Yesterday i am Installing a Nethserver (only basic) from in a VM (XCP-NG). Was tricky but it running. Now i try https://:980 from far but no connect too the server in my Firefox.

my home network is the far network ist connectet with a external VPN (IPsec).

Ping is working an i can connect a console …
updates via yum was working

can i change it form far (console) to get connect https://:980

I will be the first connect to this Neth VM.

I the past i do it localy thatr was no problem


Is there no machine with a web browser on the same network with the Neth VM? If there is, log into the server manager from there, and add the remote network as a Trusted Network.


there is no maschine over there with a browser
but i can start a virtual live linux do that.

better will be to add a trusted network via console :slight_smile:

You can temporarily stop the firewall with this command:

shorewall clear

Then try to connect port 980 https. To revert the hack:

shorewall start

THX 4 help

somteime the mistake sitting in front of the screen :wink:
It was a fresh installation and i mark “basic installation” looks like it was only the minimum centOS with a incompled Nethserver. Cant connect from a local VM with a live linux.

I am try a new installation and dont touch installation type everyting was fine. Connecting form far was noc problem

THX 4 Help

PS result dont toch to mutch :wink: and dont activate basic installation