Can't active service loolwsd in Nethserver

NethServer Version: 7.7,1908 (final)
Hello, i can’t active the service loolwsd after install collabora in nethserver. The status of loolwsd is

And i tried to change some lines of the loolwsd.xml but the service is failed.

any suggestion?

Hi Elizabeth,

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You may have to install rh-php71 as a workaround:

yum install rh-php71
signal-event nethserver-collabora-update

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Hi!, thanks for help me, but i have a other question. I installed rh-php72, so my question is if i only delete rh-php72 or what can i do?


Is it working now?

Nextcloud uses PHP72 so you should keep it installed. It’s no problem to have more versions installed.

Ok, already install php71 but the service loolwsd doesn´t function
what other thing can i do?

Please check the logfile /var/log/messages for loolwsd errors to hopefully find the reason why loolwsd isn’t starting.

Collabora is preconfigured so usually you don’t need to change loolwsd.xml.