Can't access url

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: ¿¿??

When I try to navigate to, I can´t open the page or link session in app, any other like Loading I can access, Im not configure any filter that bloqued the domain or by firewall rule, even I try stop the ufdb service and nothing

When I run tracert


My configuration is router isp ==> bare metal router ==> nethserver ==> LAN

Everything works fine last week but now not. If any one can help I appreciate.


Do I understand this in that you’re not using Double-NAT here, but Triple-NAT?
That could be part of the issues, also depending on the IPs/Networks used in each of the three networks…

A bit more information may help here…
What are you using as DNS?
Do you get a correct DNS resolution for (Verify eg using a mobile connection and nslookup or dig, whatever you prefer…).

Also, this “bare metal router” entails a very wide range of devices, from a switch to something like OPNsense/PFsense or OpenWRT - or a simple Debian running as router wirh 2 NICs…

More Info !!!

I’d say offhand DNS is your primary issue…

My 2 cents

Thanks Andy, the result of nslookup is: