Can't access nethGUI

NethServer Version: nethserver 7

Can’t access the GUI after first installation.
A message appears :

403 - Forbidden


I’m new to this - don’t kill me :slight_smile:

Have a look - Accessing the Server Manager - What URL did you use ?

The Server Manager uses self-signed SSL certificates. You should explicitly accept them the first time you access the server. The connection is safe and encrypted.

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I used the “https://a.b.c.d:980” form and it sent the message
I did accept the SSL cerficate at first attempt.
Didn’t try the other because I don’t know what is “server_name” or how to find it.

Did you log in as root?

No. used the user I created.
I also tried the root user and password “Nethesis,1234” with no avial.

Did you install in unattended mode? Then the password is “Nethesis,1234”. In other case you set a root password during installation:

The root user had a different password.
I guess I suck at reading manuals :wink:
But why can’t I access the GUI with my own created user during installation?

Only root can login by default, for other users you need an account provider. The user creation at install is part of the standard centos installation but the user has no function in NS, only root is necessary.

It’s an idea for an enhancement. We could grant full access to Server Manager if the user is member of wheel


Does it make sense to have a lonely system user in /home next to account provider users in /var/lib/nethserver/home? Maybe I am missing something?

/home is bind-mounted to /var/lib/nethserver/home

Ah, ok, thanks for the info. I was more afraid of having a lonely forgotten user, as system users are not listed in “Users and Groups”. But another system user next to root may be useful and that without the need of an account provider.

I understand that from the CentOS installer the user is pushed to create an additional account: I think it would be a good thing to support this scenario, if it does not become a nightmare to implement.

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