Cannot use shared folder

So i created new shared folder named sharedfolder. but in applicatons is shown only samba audit (working). I read manual, but cannot find how start shared folder. anyway I cannot enter \my_ip or \my_ip\sharedfolder/ I’m newbie so what do I wrong?

Hi Bui;

I’ll try to help you, I don’t know if I’ll make sense but

Where your NethServer is installed ?
PhysicalMachine, VirtualBox, …

Are you into the same range of IP ?
Could you ping you server ?

With which kind of client you try to access ?
Windows, Linux, Mac,…

When you browse your network do you see your NethServer ?
Which configuration you have under : Configuration -> Windows Network ?

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It’s installed on esxi

Yes I can ping, ssh on it and open webpage

I try open shared folder on my windows 8 by typing \ or \\sharedfolder

I can’t see nethserver in my network places

I’m in domain network, but network discovery is turned on, and I see many other windows shares

and when you try


what do you obtain ?


Sadly i’m using Mac but I was able to reproduce your problem and I resolve it by allowing write permission to owning group and after that accessing to NethServer with a authentified NethServer user
in my case I used admin


you might have something interresting :wink:

The network path was not found

And your sure you try to communicate with the green card of the your NethServer ?
Could you share another directory and see if you have a better success ?
Could you make a screenshot of the Shared Folder Setting into the WebUI of your NetServer ?

I just ping and ssh to ip, isn’t it enough to be sure I communicate to the green card of my nethserver