Cannot restore from backup

NethServer Version: 6.9
Module: backup

i have to restore a whole folder from an older backp. I have the bakcup on a nas folder, from gui i can choose the day and the folder to restore, i press restore and after a while i have the ok message, but there is no file restored. I try on original path and alternative path buth nothing…
any idea?

just an idea, if you changed hostname, found in the docs:

The destination directory is based on the server host name: in case of FQDN change, the administrator should take care to copy backup data from the old directory to the new one.

What kind of folder are you missing, maybe there is an “alternative” restore method?
Does restoring another folder work?

I don’t remember to have changed hostname, but should be… I cannot retrive any file from any backup (2 weeks policy), but if I choose to restore on original position and i delete the destination folder the recovery process generate the missing folder but doesn’t populate with files…

The folder that i have to extract is a subfolder of a shared folder, I have the full backup set of last saturday that should be fine. Wich “alternative” method should I try?

Thank you

I meant fetching data out of trash bin for instance…
Maybe trying from command prompt, playing with the days, here is an example for restoring 15 day old backup file /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/test/myfile to /tmp:

restore-file -t 15D /tmp “/var/lib/nethserver/ibay/test/myfile”

should i use that command for a whole folder too?

Should do dirs too:

Thank you. Recover on temp directory works, but canno’t restore over original position. Is there a way to fix that?

You are welcome.

What about just manually copy the files from temp location to original location?
cp -avr /tmp/YOUR_RESTORED_DIR /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/test
assuming your original dir sits in this path.