Cannot login to web interface (9090) and cluster-admin is not even available

Thanks. Good enough I guess.
That said,
a) Is it good practice for a server to use DHCP?
b) Should probably be even more clear. I think in the first console login, above login prompt, it does NOT hint on how to get web access (like it does in subsequent - after initial configuration - boots).
In other words it doesn’t show current IP when user needs it the most: The first time!
Maybe this needs to change?

Yes, that’s how it works. After several hours of pointless attempts. Nevertheless, there should be a simpler solution that you can use without having to set up the system from scratch once the child has fallen into the well.

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According to the team (?) the pre-made images suck and are “quick n dirty” and should prefer install over existing distro.
I hope this changes. Really having a ready-made ISO is vital for SB deployments.
(plus it is a more controlled environment for debugging)