Cannot install nethserver-pbx

Having the newest Nethserver 7.8.2003
Installation via old and new Web-Gui fails.

I tried to install the packages manualy, but now asterisk13 fails:

yum install asterisk13-core-13.28.1-1.ns7.x86_64 --skip-broken

Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror, nethserver_events
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
Resolving Dependencies
–> Running transaction check
—> Package asterisk13-core.x86_64 0:13.28.1-1.ns7 will be installed
–> Processing Dependency: for package: asterisk13-core-13.28.1-1.ns7.x86_64

Packages skipped because of dependency problems:
asterisk13-core-13.28.1-1.ns7.x86_64 from nethserver-updates

Package libresample-0.1.3-33.el7.x86_64 already installed and latest version

What can I do?

I can’t reproduce the problem on a clean machine.
Did you install some packages from non official repos?

Please, from the command line, try to install FreePBX:

yum install nethserver-freepbx

Report here the full output of yum.

Some days ago. I installed offered Updates. Now ist works!