Cannot find jabberadmins groups after installing ejabberd and starting service

NethServer Version: 7.3 RC3 (with all updates)
Module: ejabberd

folks, looking for where to configure the enjabberd options on Nethserver web admin. I have the “chat server” menu option and I’ve enabled the “start server” and submitted that. The Documentation from 6.8

“All users within the group jabberadmins are considered administrators of the chat server.
Administrators can:
Send broadcast messagesCheck the status of connected users
The group jabberadmins is configurable from Groups page.”

But I cannot see any jabberadmins group. The only groups are the “domain admins@domainname” and the domain groups created in the User & Groups web interface. Using the root command line I can see a ejabbered group (id 1001) but that is it. This doesn’t seem to match documentation of 6.8, but I can’t find any specific documentation for chat in 7.3 yet. Can you guys help me with this confusion.

IIRC you first can create a group with that name from the Groups page.


Okay, so special groups you create manually in the User & Groups interface and the ejabberd server will recognize those if the user is added and this includes the jabberadmin which you must create manually first and because I am configured in AD mode I can’t use different chat groups. This implies that the jabberadmin group cannot be used in AD mode, right?

You can create the group inside your account provider, even if is a remote server (ad or LDAP)

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