Cannot create a new Network Service on 6.7?

So just came over from Zentyal and thought I will give nethserver a go. But running into a few basic issues which are a bit uncomfortable.

Installed Transmission on the server as well and all I have to is open port 9091 on the server as a Network service (public access) when I create the rule on the firewall, except that the nethserver interface does not give me the option to select the service access to private or public … this is a virgin install of 6.7 … so where do I go to do this ?

You’d need to add the service manually using CLI. There’s a section in the developers guide that you should be able to follow. It looks complex but is very simple once your read it (once or twice).

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First, you must go to Gateway -> Firewall object and CREATE NEW Service (or/and CIDR subnets, Host groups, Hosts, IP range, Zones).

After that, you will go to Gateway -> Firewall rules and you will create the desired rule based on the Service that you created before.

The process is almost as at Zentyal (Zentyal has some services predefined).



@lswart did you have resolved this issue after @islipfd19 suggestion?