Cannot add domain for email server

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003

Module: Email - Add new Domain

I previously had “” and added in there and was able to setup an email server.

I was not sure whether to put the mx server address in there or not and ended up deleting both and trying to re add them…

However now Nethserver refuses to let me add them back in.

I click “add” and the thinking circle thingy appears briefly then disappears leaving the form open to add the domain.

Is there a way to do this in terminal with say “setprop” or something?





If you have a Backup, you should automatically have a “Configuration Backup”.
Restore just the configuration, reboot, and you should be good!

This needs to be done in Cockpit (:9090)…

My 2 cents

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Thanks Andy it did bring back the domain, however now I have issues with updates for Nethserver. Can’t seem to update the repos seem to be off some how.



Try a

yum clean all

before updating. This cleans out the Repo-Cache, it might be you reloaded an older Repo-set, now non-functional anymore… Or whatever… :slight_smile:
Also check that DNS is correct.

My 2 cents