Cannot access CDN sites through proxy server


I recently configured nethserver 6.5 in our office. I am facing an issue after configuring proxy server .I cannot access CDN sites like “”, squid proxy is displaying error message “This web page is not available” – by debugging through rowser i found the following message displayed " Failed to load resource: net::ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED"
eventhough i can access from other system which is not configured with proxy.

please help me regarding this.

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I am using NethServer 6.6 final. When I enter the URL you posted, ( I get redirected to:

The very first time I entered the URL, I got a website about trail saddles, then I prefixed the URL with http:// and I got the default re-direct.

It looks like a hosting problem to me.

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Hello ,

Thanks for reply, I have misstyped the link in the post now i have corrected the post. please once again look at the query.
sorry for any inconvinence.


Proxied or unproxied, the result is the same. All I see is the code for a cascading style sheet. Judging by the URL, that is all I should see. What are you expecting to see?

our web application need to access these style sheets , through unproxied system i can access these files ,but when accessing through proxied connection these stylesheet files failed to load. when i typed the url “” in browser it displayed “This web page is not available”.

You’re trying to open an HTTPS URL which shouldn’t be accessed through the proxy unless you enable the “SSL transparent” mode.

How the proxy is configured?

You can check all proxy requests using this command:

tail -f /var/log/squid/access.log

I am not quite sure…you make a fir point and glad Developers get involve…

To elobarate a bit more based on what @glacomo said…

I had squid but under pfsense and I know pretty welll… Even with SSL Transparent… the clients need a CA to trust…

When you make reports, please make sure to include the access.log… I have dealt with Squid configuration … SquidGuard is not what I really like but I like to see how Nethserver implements it

This is the log appeared when i tried to access
Log Entry:
1427868360.987 1 TCP_MISS/503 0 CONNECT dummy HIER_NONE/- -