Candidate for a Nethserver Module?

Hello, I’m primary looking for newsletter / mailing platform for my association, because the newsletter functionality of Dolibarr is very limited.

During my wanderings on the net, I came across an interesting OSS project that seems to be widely used in journalism.


Superdesk is an open-source, web-based, headless CMS for news organisations and publishers. It offers powerful workflow features for end-to-end news creation, production, curation and distribution. Our flagship news management system integrates easily with legacy systems as well as third-party applications.


Live Blog is open source live blogging software that allows you to cover live events and breaking news with a curated timeline including text, images, audio and video from your reporters and social media channels.


I can not yet judge whether it is suitable for my newsletter / mailing needs, but wanted to propagate it here, as it seems fascinating for our community.
I don’t know if it’s difficult to build a module from it and if someone would like to sacrifice time for it. Likewise, I probably can’t do it myself.

They also offer a docker implementation.


I am always impressed by

and combined with

one could eat their hart out on very sleek marketing stuff :wink:

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Thank you for your suggestion.

I have again browsed through the list of Nethserver modules.
Thereby, I came across Sympa. That’s why I will consider it for the time being.
A central question will be, how I can use in Doibarr managed member list of the association in Sympa. But that will be a separate question in a new thread.

Hi @capote

Both Dolibarr and Sympa support the use eg of AD as background authntification.

That opens possibilities…

My 2 cents


And so we share brightness :slight_smile: Thanks for the pointer.

Most likely I misinterpreted or did not understand the function of Sympa. Apparently, the platform is not intended for creating, managing and sending newsletters.
Rather, it seems to be a tool for exchanging information with subscribers by sending mails to a mailing list. I had already forgotten that I had used such a tool in the last century. But I had no correct association with the term mailing list anymore.

Furthermore, the documentation is so rudimentary or poorly structured and difficult to access that the research effort and subsequent administration effort is astronomical.

The test is now finished for me.
Sincerely, Marko


I found a Platform for Email marketing & automation optimized for Centos 7

The functionality of the the community version “OpenEMM” looks good: Functional differences EMM Inhouse vs. OpenEMM | AGNITAS

Installation: start [OpenEMM Wiki]

GitHub: GitHub - agnitas-org/openemm: Web-based software for email automation and marketing (newsletters, multi-stage mail campaigns, transaction mails, autoresponder, etc.)

The Installation seems to be very complex. Nothing what I can do.

2. Requirements

  • RedHat 7 or 8; CentOS 7 or 8; SLES 15

  • Java Open JDK 11

  • Apache Tomcat 10

  • Python 3.8 or later

  • DBMS: MariaDB 10.3 or later; MySQL 5.7

  • MTA: Postfix 2.6 or later; Sendmail 8.10 or later

  • wkhtmltox or later

  • for HTTPS support: Apache Tomcat Native Library

Thus, I conclude by asking if any of the developers would sacrifice themselves to provide a module.

That sounds like a HUGE amount of requirements :slight_smile:

It seems like it needs a dedicated and specific application server due to the specific requirements stack. IF a module could be made, I guess the management and support of the whole stack is still a daily management task.

This can be easily converted to run on Proxmox…
Just the file needs to be converted (or imported).

No devs needed!

My 2 cents

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I share your concern about requirements, at least for “simply” managing mailing lists.
I can understand DBMS, python, MTAs, but I’m asking myself what are needeed for Tomcat andJDK (instead of a simpler JRE).

I believe for the campaign designer and the statistics. The screenshots on the website give a brief impression.


WHy not just go with MAutic for EMail MArketing, if you require an Opensource solution for the same:


I will take a look. Thank you for your advice.

It could wel be that the main question is a mix of technical and operational desires.

My suggestion would be to talk to the business and see what expertise/skills is available to design a mailing flow (end to end) what processes and responders are involved and get a good idea what kid is walking into the candy store.

Only then scout for technical solutions that fit the bill and can support and maintain it in a sustainable way with available staff that will adhere to business objectives.

May I summarize?
With a lot of mailing list services available in internet, without the risk of make the mailserver be considered as spam source, a mailing list manager might not be value added option as in-house (or hosted) module.



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We are 250 Members of a volunteer association, 5 board members, and one idiot to turn ON the lights.
No business, no profit / loss, no money.

Any questions? :hugs:

These are not “bored Ape” members?


Right now I installed Mautic. A realy amazing tool!
Thank you for the advice.