Can you help me?

In the past few days, I sent a survey with this subject to members of this community who didn’t post yet or have written just a few posts. I was just curious about WHY and what I can do for encourage their participation
I sent 250 email, 50% opened and 50 survey was filled out, plus 15 personal email reply to me.
I really happy about such reply, thanks folks!

This is the anonymous result:

members didn’t post yet


  • I still have not had time to test the server on my personal hardware,
    but intend to do it soon. cheers.
  • I’m trying to follow the community, mainly in order to get updated on
    new developments
  • I have not gotten around to it at this point, but plan to test Nethserver for our requirement for a 3 WAN gateway/firewall
  • We are your partners
  • I am busy for a while and will help the community in the near future.
  • I haven’t had enough time to devote to playing with the system yet to even begin to participate. I haven’t even had enough time to lurk. Signed up to keep apprised and informed and try and keep it on my radar for when I did have a little time.
  • I have not had the time yet to set up a test Lab yet.
  • I haven’t had time yet but I’m working on it
  • Not time at this moment…
  • I just test it in small office (only 3 PCs), and no issue detected. After couple of days i will start in larger environment (35 up) and then i can share some knowledge. However, i read postings and do some experiments :slight_smile: (and learning for my RHCSA/RHCE exams and have less time for tests)
  • I don’t have time
  • I read your post and I learn . When I am sufficiently prepared , I will speak . And my English is bad XD
  • I’m busy to get new work
  • I’m a Nethesis partner


  • I need some spare time to test nethserver first.
  • do not have time and knowledge to participate really - but I’m trying to follow silently
  • A 25 hour day. (grin)
  • More hours in the day
  • Some lists for future projects

members who have just written a few posts


  • I do not have much time
  • Well, I wondered if NethServer could provide me a 32-bit build and at the
  • Unfortunately I don’t have much time :frowning:
  • I was testing NethServer for production in corporate network
  • I’m still interested in NethServer. I haven’t had enough time to install it. Work in progress… Best regards
  • While other terms are too technical, I do have but little knowledge on topics posted. I do, however, chime in sometimes if it would (or atleast I think) help. Most of the times, I do, however, seek assistance myself but points out most of the time the steps I did to help others assuming the problem gets solved.
  • I 've tested Nethserver both in a VM & on bare metal. I like the concept & features but for me the lack of a Samba 4 AD style directory service is a showstopper. Group policy management of Windows clients is very necessary for the implementations where I would use an open source windows server replacement. Since Univention UCS became free for commercial use I have turned my attention to it.
  • I did not find a solution for my problem in comunity and web.
  • I actually thought I have been writing too much. I only write something when I think I have something important to contribute to the community.
  • Currently no co-located with hardware equipment due to occupational requirements.
  • because I was busy with translations
  • I don’t have time to read and post a lot, and my VPS don’t run this installation properly.
  • I have downloaded and installed the Nethserver in Virtualbox but do not know the login name and password. I also do not have instructions on what I should do. thanks.
  • Often I’m very busy due to my job. I’m not able to find time to post in the Nethserver community. I’m sorry.
  • Waiting for more memory to arrive for my new server before I begin testing. Also really was looking for a server with voip


  • Actually, I don’t like forums – very much time wasted during the web-sites navigation, especially for different projects participations. Generally, mailing lists still more preferable for me :wink:
  • nothing, at worst you could give me an assistant linux compatible
  • When I have a little more time I can participate more often. Unfortunately there is little you can do about this.
  • More topics of typical scenario for easy install and use NethServer.
  • Just a lively community, any topic that would encourage postings. Not strictly NethServer related…I know there’s a topic named “Chat” which should be lively.
  • Samba 4 AD style directory services & a “Terminal Services” module.
  • My reason to join is because I have a problem and I think other could have the same problem too.
  • As a NethServer newcomer, I’m still learning. The community is very valuable for learning about NS, but I’m really not sure I have much to contribute back yet that hasn’t already been said.
  • I’m busy @ work, in few days i’ve more time for nethserver
  • More HowTos
  • Have more spare time :stuck_out_tongue:

Personal email replies to me

  • I’ve posted but a few times because I have little time and little knowledge of Nethserver.
  • sorry for not been to involved on this. I’ve been really busy with the job. actually, I’m installing nethserver in my infrastructure to give it a REAL try, I’ll post my commentaries real soon.
  • Busy recently, thanks for information and glad to join in your great community!
  • Just touching base with you. I’ve been extremely busy the last couple days, but I’ll probably be back on the forum this evening if I can get a little extra time.
  • Lack of time at the moment I will continue posting to the forum
  • thanks for your mail. I’m trying to following the community to see new developments and into which direction the developments will be done in the future. I switched recently from zentyal server to nethserver and I’m just a user/admin of my small private server. So far I can say (using email, server and owncloud I’m really impressed - nethserver just works - much more clean then zentyal - but let’s see after first major release upgrade :slight_smile:
    I currently do not have time (and potentially not the skills) to post or work actively but I’m really impressed by the activity on the nethserver community.
    Hope you can move on that way and hope you do not mind I’m mainly a silent member here.
    Best regards…
  • Please do not remove me from your community. These days I’m busy with my degree & some other Certifications & I’m doing a software project. That’s why I can’t find a time For external works & even for my entertainment. Give me several months to complete this busy days & I will be with you all. I humbly beg your pardon for any inconvenience occur.
  • I am just getting my act together, I have not yet finished building a server to run NethServer. I look forward to becoming an active member of your community.
  • I’m sorry, but I simply have not had the time for my home lab. Chores, life, and work have put my lab time on the back shelf. I hope to get a chance to test out NethServer, but as of right now, no such luck.
  • I was unable to participate because I haven’t tested neth server yet. I got busy because I am looking for work at the moment. I’ll go check it out and probably introduce myself

Just a few personal thoughts about this survey:

  • many people are silently but they’re watching community and keeping in touch with it.
  • we need a todo list of junior jobs for newcomers and lurkers :wink:
  • we need more topics and category for newcomers. So go ahead with stuff like “NethServer for dummies” or things like this @sitz
  • more basic howtos for installation and simple tasks

Other thoughts about this?

Noted many support requests due to problems encountered. Please create a new topic on this category.

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@alefattorini I noticed that the help page on NS is aimed at people who have a understanding of Linux/Routing not at a newcomers.
Also the support group can leaving you hanging for days, with an answered question or help. I do think NS for dummies would be a great move, with a few examples.

Can you explain what do you mean with this? Which help page?

Check this:

The help you get on the left hand side of NS

Maybe it’s not enough clear, do you like to suggest an edit?