Can you change the virtual IP of domain?

NethServer 7

Can you change the virtual IP of domain after you created it without uninstalling the Samba AD DC and reinstalling it?

Hi @JeffBales
sorry for the late reply. :sweat:

I do not know if it can work.
To check the IP of the virtual machine that manages the domain type:

config GetProp nsdc IpAddress

To change it:

config setprop nsdc IpAddress x.x.x.x
signal-event nethserver-dc-save

(x.x.x.x. = new IP)
I have not tried but virtual PC responds to IP

I ask confirmation @support_team

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After the step

“signal-event nethserver-dc-save”,

it took about 10 minutes to complete. It changed the IP address of nsdc container and now I can ping the new address, but made Nethserver come to a crawl.

I can’t reach the Domain account and Users and Groups on the website - it’s only spins. Adding a new Win7 to the domain took about 5 minutes and at the end, it says their problem with the trust and domain.

I guess you can’t. Oh well.

@enzoturri I was able to change back to the original IP and everything seems to back normal. Whew!

only other method I know of, not as bad as a r&r.

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I followed the steps in the and then my Domain Account says this:

And my Users and Groups is empty:

I uninstalled Samba Active Directory with a multiple errors and install it again with a multiple errors, and the Domain Account and Users and Groups are the same.

Maybe this works only for 7 b2 and not RC1.

It’s not a supported scenario right now.
I think we need a little bit of logic to do it.
It seems MS support it:

@davidep can we do it? I propose a document manual procedure.