Can not save appointments in the SoGo calendar

NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: Sogo 3.2.10

Hello friends,

I am unable to save appointments in the SoGo Groupware calendar.
I have reinstalled NS and recorded all updates. I can fill out the forms for new appointments, but saving is not possible. I do not see a new appointment in the calendar. What am I doing wrong?



check sogo log when you save the appointment please

Hi stephdl,

sorry for the late reply. I have reinstalled the server and i am experimenting with Webtop 5 now.
After the test I will decide which groupware I will use in the future. So far it is roundcube that does not cause problems. Unfortunately, the look of roundcube in the version currently offered in the software center is very “historical”. SoGo looks modern but is slow. I really like Webtop 5. The speed is ok. But it is a Java web application. And there I see the risk.



I’m using on a virtual server for 220 users (about 150 at the same time) with 10 GB RAM with no issues.
you can disable some “visual” effects to speed up the web UI
Please be aware that all web UIs nowadays are rich web applications and that they run entirely on the client browser… so the speed is 99% not a server one, but a client one… you need fast pc with a good amount of ram
If you won’t use the web UI but just the services via Thunderbird or outlook, SOGo will be as fast as any other pure imap/smtp/caldav/cardav service.

I don’t think it could be a problem for a end user, a friend of mine uses only python application because he can modify and push a bug fix, for you (except if you are a developer) it doesn’t bring something useful. The IT language is a technical choice with several unknown conditions (who, for what, for whom)

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I disagree… we’re not talking about the final user POV, but from an admin/IT manager POV.
using a web app java/tomcat/$whatever based is (maybe) not a risk, but something you can’t easily debug and/or adjust as you prefer… you have to use ti just like a “black box” and this is not a good thing (at least for anybody used to dig inside his server)
this is not a judgement on webtop itself, just about the technology it uses

I never said that I will use and maintain a java application :slight_smile:

It took me some time to admit the true, but I’m no more a end user